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Using B supplementation in children….

B vitamins are your happy vitamins.  They reduce stress, balance hormones,  regulate blood sugars and aid the body in a variety of ways.  I first became familiar with them when I was experiencing postpartum depression after my third child was born.  I began taking natural supplements including a multi-vitamin, b-complex supplement and a soy protein replacement.  Within a matter of days I truly felt better than I had ever remembered feeling.

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Flash to several years later when we learned that one of our children was on the autism spectrum and another had thyroid disease, I immediately knew they needed B-supplements.  A functional medicine doctor recommended a sublingual b-vitamin that would absorb quickly through the mounth, for quicker absorption.  Some experts readily recommend sublingual or methyl b-vitamins because they by-pass the digestive tract and go strait into the blood stream, while others argue that this method better works in a injectable form.  Personally, we found the most benefit when our children were old enough to swallow the same b-complex supplement that I took during those postpartum days and beyond.

Dr. Kurt Woeller, a biomedical autism Intervention specialist in California argues that “in terms of clinical research behind it, the methyl B-12 injections are ahead of the other forms.”  This argument actually supports my own teaching that some vitamins work well, when isolated in an injectable form, but do not work so well on their own in another form.  Many of the B-vitamins need each other inorder to absorb properly into the body.  Therefore, taking individual b-supplements are not as effective as taking a b-complex that contains all 8 essentail b-vitamins.  In addition, because b-vitamins are water soluable, they need to constantly be replenished or your body is taxed. 

Especially in conditions such as autism, add, adhd, sensory disorders and endochrine diseases such as thyroid disease, supplementation is vital because stress on the body depletes our stores faster.  So unless you or your child are taking injectable forms of   b-vitamins, we recommend that you consider taking a natural b-complex supplement.  If you are also taking a sublingual under a doctorsrecommendation, the b-complex will help keep your other b-stores working properly so that your body can best use the others that your doctor may recommend. 

For a list of each of the B-vitamins, what they do in your body and symptoms of low b-vitamins, we recommend this link on Wikipedia.

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