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The path less taken…

As my husband Chris, and I performed our nightly ritual of cleaning the kitchen and packing lunches, we came across our 5th graders progress report for school. We were both very impressed that he had strait A’s.  Chris turned to me and said, “Well, he just may survive Jr. High after all.”  To which I replied, “and there’s always boarding school for high school… or Guerin.”  We both paused and I commented back, “Honey, just do whatever it takes to make the money.”

You see, whenever we bring up Guerin to our friends, they quickly retort, “Do you know what that school costs?”  To be honest, I have somewhat of an idea, but it has not yet crossed my mind.  If you have read my book, “Healing Autism Naturally,” you know that I am a practical optimist… perhaps an oxymoron to some, but not to me.  I will bust down whatever doors it takes to get my kids where they need to be.  At this point, boarding school or Guerin seem to be our best options for high school.

Now, we are not millionaires, by any stretch and some may wonder how I can live with this absolute belief in “whatever it takes.”  Some would say we are blessed, others would say we are smart and still some would say we are just lucky.  We are all of this, but more so, we really do believe that if it is put on our hearts to do something to help our children succeed, heal or be more productive, that the means is out there.  And, likewise, to help others.  Just those means happened upon us about 9 years ago, when our then 7 month old became quite sick.  We were lucky enough to have a friend point us in the right direction, smart enough to listen and blessed abundantly.  This friend lead us in the path of nutrition, what we now know to be a biomedical approach, to deal with health issues that stumped our doctors.  I was amazed that something as basic as a really good probiotic and a couple other supplements could begin to heal her body.  Through more research, I learned I could get a rebate to pay for my own products and soon after, started a business with this company.  This propelled a career in nutrition, and now, Autism Advocacy.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we are constantly told to be leery and say no… even when our hearts tell us to say yes.  Had I said no, it would have taken us years to possibly get on the right path to healing, we may have exhausted 10’s of thousands of dollars on testing and products that did not work, we would not have gotten in with the right medical professionals so early and our daughter would not be where she is today.  More so, Guerin would be a dream…  likely not a reality.

Today, we train Nutrition Consultants who want to work in supplementation; as well as, Autism Advocates who want to go alongside families.  Sometimes we hesitate to bring this up because we get caught by the “no” bugs, too.  Those bugs that tell us not to reach out… that we do not have time… and so on.  But, then I am struck by the fact that our daughter would not be where she is today, we would not have been empowered and Guerin… would not even be a dream had our dear friend not, unknowingly, offered us more.  If you or someone you know would like to learn more about becoming a Nutrition Consultant and helping other families in need, please contact us at Our team would be honored to work with you.

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