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Schooling Autism

My son returned home, from a class field trip on Wednesday, all abuzz.  Apparently the parent chaperones had been reading their  e-mail on their phones when the school newsletter came out announcing teacher changes.  My son was busy proclaiming which teacher was retiring and which teachers were going to new classes and how this affected who (he has aspergers so was completely clueless to my anxiety level that was increasing with every word)… all I heard was that the teacher we were working with for my 9 year old daughter was going to 1st grade.  My heart jumped and my head screamed as I rushed to the computer.  My fears were confirmed…

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Now if you have a child with autism, you understand.  We found a teacher that desperately wanted to help in the transition of my daughter from an intensive ABA therapy setting to Catholic school and now… she was switching grades.  I immediately         e-mailed the principal and then busied myself as I was just heading out the door to give a talk to parents on nutritional approaches to autism.

I did not get far when the phone rang, and would you believe, there on the other line was the principal I so dearly love.  She wanted to assure me that the teachers going to 3rd and 4th grade (yes, they are giving my daughter a split grade to meet her needs), had already met and were completely ready to meet all my daughters needs.  All I could think was, “you called me to comfort me?”  “You placed teachers based on my daughters’ needs.”  “You actually care that much about my child.”  Of coarse, this was nothing new to us.  The teachers and staff at our school have always gone above and beyond to not just educate but love my children.

So as another year comes to an end, my word is “blessed.”  I pray that you find a blessing among the chaos of your life.  Is it a teacher, doctor, family member, babysitter, new therapy or just the flowers sprouting outside?  You are one of our blessings.  Thank you for reading our messages and being a part of our family.

Watch out for our “teacher/ school of the year contest,” and “pediatrician of the yeare,” coming soon.

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