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Nutrition Consultations for Autism and ADHD

I recently received an e-mail from a friend wanting to help her another friends’ daughter.  They are desperate but it is a story all too familiar for families with children on the autism spectrum.  This little girl, who is in grade school, is impulsive, frustrating other children to the point where they are worried for her safety, and is slipping in school because she cannot sit or focus.  Her parents are broken hearted and just do not know what to do.  They are looking at medication, but have not really tried alternatives.  Sound familiar?

When a child is diagnosed with ADD, ADHD or another Autism Spectrum Disorder, doctors really have little to offer.  I know that when our daughter was diagnosed, our doctors were very sympathetic, but had two options: traditional therapies and western medication.  For our daughters severe sensory issues, medication was not even an option.  Thankfully, we had earlier seen physical symptoms and gone down a nutritional path.  By 10 months old, she, like many of the spectrum, had severe digestive issues and was in alot of pain.  She had stopped making milestones and we associated them with her digestive issues.  She also began to get sick alot.  We were able to deal with many of those issue with supplements.  In addition, her physical therapists noticed a big difference in her ability to concentrate, at 18 months, with her chewable multi before therapy.  Thus began my obsession with getting my now 8 year old healthy.

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Natural Nutritional Therapy, in my opinion, is one of the safest and first interventions that can help our children.  We now offer consulting services to other families looking at nutritional therapies and alternatives and compliments to medication.  While we do believe there is a time and place for medication, much can be done to heal the many physical issues that our children suffer and thus heal their bodies.  To learn more about or to schedule a nutritional consultation for you or your family member on the autism spectrum, contact us at asdperspectives.  Our approach is gentle and we work with each family individually.

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