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Never stop reaching…

In the absence of a cure or even an accurate prognosis of a child’s future, do not be afraid to believe in a child’s potential. Most children with autism will benefit from intervention. Many, if not most, will make very significant, meaningful progress. – Autism Speaks

I could not resist posting this quote from the Autism Speaks website.  It sums up about everything we do.

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Is there a cure for autism?  At ASD perspectives, we believe there are some children who have had such success with biomedical treatments as to render them undiagnosable.  Having said that, our own children have good days and really bad days.  We know that bio-medical approaches (namely exstensive sensory integration, OT and natural supplement) have given our children the chance at a normal life.  Our therapists have been amazed at progress.  However, other days we wonder if we will ever get through.

Today my 8 year old said to me, ‘ autism is not so bad…  you don’t get ignored… people have to take notice.”  So yes, in the absence of a cure… we will never be afraid to believe and work towards a child’s absolute potential- knowing that potential can surpass our own.

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