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iPads helping Children with Autism Communicate

Speech Pathologists all over America are applying for grants to put iPad in there classrooms.  Sounds a bit like a gimmick until you realize that children, who have never or barely ever communicated are now breaking through.  I first became aware of this in a newsletter from TACA (Talk About Curing Autism).  The newsletter features an amazing story about an 11 year old boy who had barely been able to talk and was growing more frustrated by the day.  Today he is also using his an iTouch at school (with much work from his parents).  His parents did site a manageable issue, though.  Recently, their son figure out how to re-program the writing app so that he could use icons and not have to work so hard, an issue I am rather certian his parents are happy to manage.

But this boy is not isolated in his success.  In February of 2010, Fox 11 News highlighted a speach pathologist who was also using the devices in her classrooms.  Many schools are even receiving grants to make this technology available.

We are very blessed in that, through early intervention, speech therapy and nutritional supplements, our daughter was able to learn to talk on her own; however, for many families, devices such as this may be the first time they see their childrens’ potential, watch their children come into our world or even see the words, “I love You” for the first time.  More importantly, for the older children who have been screaming out to be heard for so long, this may just be the saving grace that allows them to finally be heard.


  1. Cindy Schaitel says:

    I am very interested in the I PAD approach. My daughter is almost 6 years old, and she was diagnosed with ASD at 17 1/2 months. We have made lots of progress, and she is in a regular education kindergarten with the aide of a paraprofessional. She is making ALL A’s, but she is still not potty-trained! I know that there are a lot of apps available for the IPAD that would be VERY beneficial to her (apps on potty-training and social skills). Can anyone share the information on the grants that are available for this magnificent resource? Thank you, Cindy………… Monroe, Louisiana

  2. becky says:

    Hello cindy
    Do you have a TACA chapter in your area. Even if you do not. i would contaxct them to see about granta as they featured the story and an organization that gave 100 ipads to children also i would contact you school district for help and even contact a local entrepenuer who works in technology. i firmly believe that where there is a will. there is a way. Becky

  3. tammy kipfer says:

    ive wanted an i pad for my 19 yo she is non verbal and i believe she greatly benifit from an i pad.

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