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Homeschooling Autism…

As the mother of five children, three of whom are on the autism spectrum, I know all too well that children learn differently.  And I am not just talking about children on the spectrum.  In her article, in the New Brighton Homeschool examiner, Renee Nichols shares the story of one young many who found his place in homeschooling.  In her article, Renee quotes Jonathan,

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When asked about his thoughts on school he stated, ” Most of the time it is challenging and hard to get through without the right help. Different kids need different things that teachers can’t supply or sometimes refuse to.” When asked what types of help make a difference he shared, ” For me, the help I need is understanding and time. When I was in public school I would never be able to finish my tests in time and they would take it and not let me ever finish and I would get a low grade. They need to understand that I don’t always get what they are saying. One time I asked the teacher how to round and she said you should have paid attention in class and never helped me. I have Asperger’s and ADHD and most of the time it is very hard to concentrate. I can be easily distracted and my head won’t let me focus. They think I am just ignoring them and carelessly doing something besides school but the truth is it comes with my challenges and they will not listen to me.”

Renee Nichols goes on to explain that Jonathan is now homeschooled and feels much more in control of his own ability to learn.  Part of what I do in consulting with familes is to help them determine the best educational route for their child.  Many families feel paralyzed into a decision.  Money, occupation and peer pressure from others who always think they know best can break the best parent when deciding what is best for the beautiful child they have raised since birth.  Families are often amazed to find out that a private school or homeschooling or a therapeutic school, or even just a better IEP in a public school really are possible.
To read the rest of Renee Nichols article in the New Brighton Homeschool Examiner, click here.
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