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When you are blogging about Autism…

When you are blogging about autism… where do you start.  Do I start with my story?  Do I start with my purpose?  Do I start with a vision or an article or….?

If you are caught up in the crazy, wild, entertaining, thought provoking, seemingly never ending world of autism spectrum disorders, you understand that question.  Where do I begin?  Maybe you are a teacher, therapist, aunt, uncle, doctor (we would love for you to be here) or… even more likely, a parent.  My journey with autism started as a high school babysitter, then a nanny, then a parent and now a nutrition consultant, too.  But most importantly, I am a mom with children on the Autism Spectrum and I council families, daily, on how to use natural approaches to get their children happier and healthier.

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I created ASD Perspectives to help other families, professionals and caring people start to sort out this wacky world and make sense of the “spectrum.”  Please join in the fun.  (I do not mean to make light of a serious topic, but you all know that we can wake up every day defeated or ready to make this world a better, more educated place for our children and families.  Children and adults on the spectrum make up a larger portion of the population than most want to believe and, with our help, they will make a huge difference in this world.

This is my ASD Perspective at this moment and I would love to hear yours.  Oh, and be sure to contact me with questions, research topics and your ASD perspective.  (Sigh- a tear rolls down my eye as I am so overjoyed to have launched this site.)


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