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Healing Autism… What do you mean?

Healing autism…. what do you mean? Some of you may laugh when you see this. Other people will cringe and yet others will say, “yeah, what do you mean?” And it is a very good question. While she was not the first to propose the idea that we could recover or heal children with autism,
Jenny McCarthy definitely took the media spotlight when she announced that she had found a way to recover her son from autism. Unfortunately, and maybe intentionally, most of the media got it wrong. Jenny McCarthy, like many of us who believe we can make significant progress in re-claiming our children, was not announcing a cure for autism, she was announcing hope with direction. She was explaining that she, through countless hours of therapy, anger, tears, biomedical approaches, family support, joy and pain, had gotten her son back to the point where he could move forward and enjoy a life filled with hope and promise. ( Because she started very early, her success has be amazing).

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I work with families, every day, who are working to heal and recover their children from autism. So what does it mean to heal or recover a child from autism? It means that while many say a child will NEVER speak, we know that there are treatments that are giving children their voice back. It means that a child who once was a danger to themselves and their siblings can become a calm and loving person who does not need to be removed from the home or to live on medications. It means that a child or adult who once was told they would never read, hold down a job or live outside a group home, can be a carpenter, doctor, mother, husband or store owner. We know first hand because our own daughter had to be taught to walk and talk and will now enter school, in the Fall, almost completely at grade level (she is 9 years old).

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Healing or recovering autism does not mean that we are curing autism. Do not misunderstand me, there are many children and adults who reach the point where they no longer qualify for the medical diagnosis or need school service. But, there are many stages of healing that simply bring our loved ones back to us…. and that is what we mean when we say we are healing and recovering our loved ones from autism.

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