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Getting More Fiber into our Kids

Eating is a big issue when it comes to all children, but especially children on the spectrum.  There are some different theories on why this may be.  Many children on the spectrum have food allergies and sensitivities.  Many others have digestives issues but cannot verbalize them.  I do recommend a very good probiotic  for all children on the autism spectrum… but once these issues are addressed, we need some creative ways to introduce healthy foods into our childrens’ diets.  Here are some ways I sneak fiber into my kids diets.

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For school lunches, I pack containers of mixed cereals.  We have found many Kashi cereals that are tasty, honey flavored, crunchy, etc.  These cereals are high in fiber (keep reading if your child is Gluten Free).  We mix these with other fun, but not sugary cereals like chex (gluten free), and sometimes add a few chocolate chips or MM’s (not too many).

We cut up apples and put in  a reusable container with peanut butter.  Apples are high in fiber.

Baby carrots with ranch dip make great snacks, too.

Pop popcorm and make a fun popcorn mix.  Add high fiber cereals for variety.

We often throw a gluten free high fiber apple bar  in their lunches.  They are very tasty, and full of organic fruits and vegis (your children will never know).

We would love to hear how you get healthy fiber into your children.  Please share your favorites with our readers.

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