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Fish Oil Supplements- Mercury

Just what we do not want to read when we think of fish oil supplements- Mercury.  As parents with children on the spectrum, we spend so much time watching out for mercury and other heavy medals and contaminants that our children are so sensitive, too.  And yet, a lawsuit has been issued against 8 of the nations leading producers of fish oil.  It gets scarier because these are brands that are very common…  as reported by both CBS and ABC news,

“The lawsuit targets eight supplement manufacturers or distributors:  CVS , Rite Aid, General Nutrition Corp., Solgar, Twinlab, Now Health, Omega Protein and Pharmavite.”

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It is very important that children with ASD use supplements that are mercury and contaminant free.  Fish oil, probiotics and multi-vitamins are just three of the most common supplements recommended for children on the spectrum.  We recommend Shaklee supplements to our clients and friends because of the results we saw from these products.  In addition, they do over 83,000 tests a year for product puritiy (over 82,000 tests more than any other comapany we know of) and they are published in over 100 Peer Reviewed Medical Journals.

When choosing supplements, ask the company what tests they do for purity, how they prove their supplements absorb and for information about efficacy and potency.  Not all supplements are created equal and it is important that the foods and supplements we put into our children help without hurting.

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