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Finally regrouping

It seems like it gets harder and harder for my sensory sensitive children to regroup after a trip.  In May, all 7 of us traversed to DisneyLand for a much anticipated vacation.  Yes, that means that my husband and I flew accross the country with 5 children- ages 15 months to 10 years-  complete with our 5 year olds diabetic needles and insulin in one hand and our stress relief complex and supplements in the other.  Insanity, I know but Mickey Mouse and sunshine were waiting.  Did I mention our 5 year old was gifted poison ivy by her brother before we left? 

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The trip itself was busy and crazy, but the memories were well worth the adventure.  We defiantely recommend checking out the Disney Autism Blogs to gain much needed advise on making the trip easier.  Having said that, our biggest shock was upon returning….  we returned on a Friday.  By Saturday our 8 year old daughter with PDDnos was breaking.  By Sunday night, she was crying for Miss Jenny- her therapist.  In the 4 years since she started therapy programs, never had she cried for a therapist.  We know her cry was also for stability.

So, this 4th of July weekend we traveled again… for my sisters wedding.  My kids love hotels and the wedding was great.  But by the time we returned home- I was close to crying for a therapist- and I am not even joking.  My 3 sensory sensitive children were screaming, our 5 year old with type 1 diabetes was out of control and even our perfectly content 16 month old was screaming…  Friday we leave for family camp-  just enough time to regroup!

Do you have tips you can share for smooth travels?  We woud love to share them with our readers….

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