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FASE Expo, what we learned… you need to know

FASE, a family support group for those with special needs and differing abilities in Indianapolis, hosted their annual expo on Saturday, March 13th.  ASD Perspectives (under A to Z Nutrition and Wellness) was thrilled to be one of many sponsors.  More exciting was the incredible opportunities I had to talk with and share the stories of so many families.

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One family asked many questions and listened attentively as they worked to figure out symptoms that may lead to their sons diagnosis.  Another lady dragged her friend over to our table to learn more about supplementation and consultations for families on the Spectrum.  We were greeted with open arms by families, professionals and event presenters alike.

I learned a bit myself.  Do you have a will for your children?  I know- not a fun topic and for those of us with special needs- a down-right scary topic.  The majority of families do not have a will because they do not know who to chose as a guardian.  But there a very big reasons why you need both a Will and a Special Needs Trust for your children.  That’s right- A special needs trust.  i learned yesterday, that a trust is not good enough for those of us who have children on the spectrum.  A special needs trust ensures that our children are taken care of, and yet STILL qualify for Medicaid (which has income caps.)  The last thing we want is to leave life insurance for our children only to find that that insurance was not distributed in a way that protects them.

If you have not already, I encourage you to contact a financial planner (who is well versed and specializes in estate planning for special needs children).  Contacting an Autism Support Group or center in your area can link you to these providers or upcoming seminars.

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