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Dr. Oz on Autism

by Becky Cash

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As the mother of children on the autism spectrum, an advocate and a professional working within the autism community, I applaud Dr. Oz for his effort at taking a stab at autism.  Having said that, it appears to me that he is attempting to hit a hot button topic, without making any waves. 

Earlier this month, he aired a show on autism.  I applaud him for bringing in such guests as Dr. Bob Sears; however, his panel was more than heavily weighted with the traditional medical community.  Though he personally noted spreading out his own childrens’ vaccines (throwing a bone to the hesitant crowd of parents), he was quick to side with traditional pediatricians in saying that most parents could not keep track of such a schedule, and thus, should go with the traditional vaccine schedule.

On March 4,2011, Dr. Oz wrote a blog for a popular moms’ community entitled A Dr. Oz Primer .  Once again I am left saying, “Thank you Dr. Oz for throwing a bone…” but you are dodging the topic.  We need serious discussion that will lead to serious research and findings, not speculation that will lead moms to simply fear the air they breathe and the age of conception.    It is all too easy to talk about what may cause autism and leave families in fear, but without solid fact, it is at best worthless and possibly dangerous.

Until the research community can come together and work together to find real answers, perhaps we are best left discussing treatments and solutions to helping our children reach their God-Given potential.  Action, not-defense may be the best solution for now.

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