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Do not despair….

What a funny way to start a blog post, but I was inspired to do so by a book I am reading.  My daughters therapist, after a discussion about books on parenting, sent a book home with my daughter.  The book is called, “Christlike parenting,” by Dr. Glenn Latham.  She recommended the book because Dr. Latham is well respected in the world of behavior analysts.  Truly, I wish I had been given this book 10 years ago when our oldest was born.

Never the less, thank you Janine for this book and here is the message I have gotten from the first couple chapters.  “Do not despair.”  All too often, especially those of us with special needs children, blame ourselves when things go wrong.  We contemplate where we went astray and convince ourselves that had we done a better job…. well things would be different.  We walk around defeated on some days and our kids KNOW it.  But Dr. Latham tells us to stop blaming ourselves.  He even goes so far as to say that if we were judging parents on how our children turn out, even God would have failed.  WOW… that is very eye opening.  Now this is not to say we need do nothing, except to say that we need to do the best we can and not despair when something goes wrong.

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I highly recommend Dr. Lathams’ book to people of all faiths.  My daughters’ therapist is not a christian and I am so touched that she gave this book to me….  If you are looking for a non-drug approach or a supplement to medication, this book gives very straight forward information on how to raise our children in a positive way.

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