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Consulting and Coaching

Nutritional Coaching:

We offer nutritional coaching for your entire family.  While Western Medicine has largely dominated America, we know that most countries have used nutrition and supplementation since the beginning of time.  Autism Spectrum Disorders were once thought to be psychological in origin; however, we now know that they are biomedical in origin.  This is good news because it means that there is much we can do to start healing our children.  To fill out a survey and schedule a phone consultation, please contact us.

Family Consulting:

This is an abbreviated form of our Complete Autism Assessment Programs.  We will send you a form to learn more about your family, taking a look at all of the aspects of your child’s current care plan, educational needs AND family dynamics.  We will give you practical steps to implement and walk away with.

Complete Autism Family Assessment:

The road to healing is a journey, but it is a much more emotional and in depth journey when dealing with autism.  We created this program to help families get from A to Z faster.  When our daughter was diagnosed on the spectrum, we were given (well we asked for) a prescription for Occupational Therapy and off we went to blaze the woods alone.  Over the years we would often ask, “where is the guide that tells us where to go?”  But it did not exist.  Part of that is because each child is unique.  However, we have and are walking the journey.  We have done the work and we are ready to shorten your path.  This is an in depth program that will look at the Social, Educational, Therapeutic and Biomedical needs of your child.  We will do all of the research and create a customized report for you and your family.  Sound too good to be true?  Not any more.

Do you have a need that is not listed here?  We would like to hear about it.  We are developing new programs, parent coaching and training, and would love to hear your thoughts.  Contact us with your thought on our contact page.

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