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7 Natural Option for Anxiety in Autism Spectrum DisOrders

We have received numerous requests for information, specifically in dealing with Anxiety in Aspergers and  Autism Spectrum Disorders.  While we have responded to several people independently, we decided to provide an actual post on this topic.

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Anxiety is an issue that many of our children, teenagers and adult families on the spectrum deal with.  What we know both personally and from listening to parents with loved ones on the spectrum is that we desperately want to help our children.  And while there is a time and place for medications, many do not work  or have side affects that simply complicate life for those with autism.  Even when on medication, sometimes additional supports are also needed.

According to Dr. Francisco Monegra of QSAC,

anxiety symptoms in autistic individuals can be described as escaping or avoidance behaviors, irritability, aggressive outbursts, self-abusive behaviors, or elopement from the producing situation stimuli or maintained behaviors.

In addition, we also see an increase in obsessive behaviors which can be both the result of and/ or cause of anxiety.  At AsdPerspectives, we work with families who wish to try natural approaches to helping their loved ones with Anxiety.  We also recommend individual, group and/ or family therapy with professionals who understand autism.  In the end, the goal should always be to create a better quality of life for both the child and the family members who care for our children.

Below are some natural solutions to dealing with anxiety.

Begin or change a Supplement Program.  Not all supplements are the same; therefore, we do recommend specific brands.  We are happy to help tweak amounts when using the brands we are familiar with.

Stress relief Complex :  We have received dozens of positive feedbacks in using his product with PDDnos, OCD and Aspergers Syndrome.  Many parents have also used this product.  SRC typically works in about 15 minutes and has no known side affects with medication.  It can be swallowed or crushed.

Osteomatrix is a complete calcium magnesium supplement that helps to relax the body.  For maintenance purposes, you can take this supplement at any time of the day.  Below, we will explain best uses when trying to prevent outbursts on a daily basis.   This supplement can also be crushed or swallowed.

Lecithin:  The National Academy of Sciences has determined that lecithin helps support many functions in the body including brain  function.  lecithin, also know as Choline is a component of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is involved in the transmission of messages in the brain and nervous system.*. We recently began adding this to our children’s morning routine with great results.  As a side note, it is also a great addition to a weight loss plan as it is a fat emulsifier.

B Complex:  B vitamins are often known as your stress vitamins.  Because they are water solvable, they need to be replaced frequently.  The more stress your system is under, the more you need.  Children and adults, not to mention there caregivers, are frequently under stress.  This supplement is best when swallowed.

When one’s anxiety levels are at their highest, we have found it best to give this combination of supplements in the morning and repeat in the afternoon.  Our 11 year old son takes 2 lecithin, 2 Osteomatrix, 1 stress relief and 2 b complex in the morning.  We repeat after school and give him his multivitamin, optiflora probiotic and immune supports at night.  If you were to just choose one supplement for anxiety, we would recommend starting with stress relief complex.

Homeopathics that may also help include Rescue Remedy by Bach , Camomilla by Boiron and Calm Forte  by Hylands.

Remedies that may help with sleep include, Osteomatrix, gentle sleep complex, calms forte and melatonin.


When a product is linked, it is available through ASDPerspectives at or by calling 1-800-937-4615.  Gentle Sleep Complex is also available at this website.


The information above is not intended to be used as a substitute for medical attention.  In addition, please do not go off of medications without the help of a medical professional.  Many medication may either be necessary or need to be weaned off of.  information in this post may only be shared in its entirety or with permission.

The path less taken…

As my husband Chris, and I performed our nightly ritual of cleaning the kitchen and packing lunches, we came across our 5th graders progress report for school. We were both very impressed that he had strait A’s.  Chris turned to me and said, “Well, he just may survive Jr. High after all.”  To which I replied, “and there’s always boarding school for high school… or Guerin.”  We both paused and I commented back, “Honey, just do whatever it takes to make the money.”

You see, whenever we bring up Guerin to our friends, they quickly retort, “Do you know what that school costs?”  To be honest, I have somewhat of an idea, but it has not yet crossed my mind.  If you have read my book, “Healing Autism Naturally,” you know that I am a practical optimist… perhaps an oxymoron to some, but not to me.  I will bust down whatever doors it takes to get my kids where they need to be.  At this point, boarding school or Guerin seem to be our best options for high school.

Now, we are not millionaires, by any stretch and some may wonder how I can live with this absolute belief in “whatever it takes.”  Some would say we are blessed, others would say we are smart and still some would say we are just lucky.  We are all of this, but more so, we really do believe that if it is put on our hearts to do something to help our children succeed, heal or be more productive, that the means is out there.  And, likewise, to help others.  Just those means happened upon us about 9 years ago, when our then 7 month old became quite sick.  We were lucky enough to have a friend point us in the right direction, smart enough to listen and blessed abundantly.  This friend lead us in the path of nutrition, what we now know to be a biomedical approach, to deal with health issues that stumped our doctors.  I was amazed that something as basic as a really good probiotic and a couple other supplements could begin to heal her body.  Through more research, I learned I could get a rebate to pay for my own products and soon after, started a business with this company.  This propelled a career in nutrition, and now, Autism Advocacy.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we are constantly told to be leery and say no… even when our hearts tell us to say yes.  Had I said no, it would have taken us years to possibly get on the right path to healing, we may have exhausted 10’s of thousands of dollars on testing and products that did not work, we would not have gotten in with the right medical professionals so early and our daughter would not be where she is today.  More so, Guerin would be a dream…  likely not a reality.

Today, we train Nutrition Consultants who want to work in supplementation; as well as, Autism Advocates who want to go alongside families.  Sometimes we hesitate to bring this up because we get caught by the “no” bugs, too.  Those bugs that tell us not to reach out… that we do not have time… and so on.  But, then I am struck by the fact that our daughter would not be where she is today, we would not have been empowered and Guerin… would not even be a dream had our dear friend not, unknowingly, offered us more.  If you or someone you know would like to learn more about becoming a Nutrition Consultant and helping other families in need, please contact us at Our team would be honored to work with you.

Top 5 Supplements / Vitamins for Autism

On last nights “Natural Approaches to Autism” Webinar, the overwhelming questions was, “What supplements should my child be taking.”  With clients, I often give them the supplements that their child should ideally be on and then… a top priority list.  So, this is the “Top 5 List,” in order of our experience and preference*.  Visit if you would like to set up an appointment for a more personalized set of recommendations based on your personal situation.

  1. Pre and Probiotics:  The vast majority of children and adults on the autism spectrum are shown to have digestive issues.  Many have had digestive issues so long that you literally have to ask them if they have a stomach ache or have gone to the bathroom that day to know that they are having problems.  And if they are non-verbal, this becomes a bigger challenge.  Probiotics replace the good flora in the intestines, that have died off because of poor eating, medications, leaky gut syndrome and many other culprits.  In our home, we tell our children that these good flora are the soldiers that keep our whole body healthy.  You need a good probiotic that guarantees delivery of the bacteria to the intestines.   A pre-biotic powder is also recommended as you begin to replace and feed these good bacteria.
  2. Multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement–  This is where I must be clear that NOT ALL SUPPLEMENTS are equal and a store bought chewable, gummy or gumball may actually do more harm than good with our children.  I say harm, because not only are the nutrients in these supplements not readily available to absorb in the body (making them more likely to flush down the toilet), but many actually contain chemicals that leach in our children’s digestive tracts.  We recommend a few different options because we know there are different dietary limits and our children can be very picky.   Please contact us if you need more help with choosing.
  3.  Fish Oils – For our children on the spectrum, pure fish oils are recommended to help with concentration, brain function, and inflammation that is often missed in the gut.  Amazingly, fish oil is the top recommended supplement by the entire medical community and is now widely recommended for women during pregnancy, both as an anti-inflammatory; as well as, to boost babies brain development.  When working with clients, I recommend an omega capsule that can be chewed by many children, but can also be swallowed or pierced and mixed in applesauce, juice or any neutralizing food.  A word of caution.  I often have families tell me they tried a flavored fish oil and their child would Not take the product.  Upon questioning, I learn that they went strait for the flavored and never tried a pure fish oil without flavoring.  We find that many of our children actually prefer the pure, non-rancid supplement to flavored products that often have odd textures.
  4. Calcium Magnesium–  Calcium Magnesium supplements may actually be recommended for many of our children and family members because of the poor diets associated with autism or a Casein Free diet, but this supplement is so much more.  Magnesium has been proven to slow down the heart rate, calming down hyper-activity and has also been shown as a catalyst in helping to curb or reduce bed wetting.  One of our children has restless leg syndrome and magnesium is often recommended by neurologists to help with the leg tremors associated with this condition.  For parents of hyperactive children, calcium magnesium can definitely be a welcome addition.  The brand we recommend can be found in flavored chewable or in a crushable tablet that can also be swallowed.
  5. Protein Powder–  We have been using Protein Powder with our children for many years, but were amazed as our children became older, at how their bodies actually craved the plant based protein.  We actually began to see difference in cognition and energy based on whether or not they had a “shake” and what time of day it was at.  Many of our clients also report that they see a significant difference in their children’s concentration and focus if they drink the protein for breakfast.  One mom told us that her food budget reduced and her stress level went down.  This happened because her children were no longer craving the bowls of carb loaded cereal and snacks and hour after eating and were concentrating so much better.  As our daughter became more vocal and higher functioning, she would report leg cramps on days when she had not had the protein.  Recent urine and saliva testing, through our doctor, showed us that our 11 year old with aspergers, who does not drink the shakes, has a protein deficiency because her body does not absorb other forms of protein in dairy and foods.  We recommend beginning with Non-GMO soy protein or Whey Protein for children and adults with a soy sensitivity or allergy.  These are organic forms of protein powder and come in several flavors.

While we generalize on supplements in our article, we work with and recommend a couple different brands in our office.  Many families will report that they purchased various brands and did not see results.  After years of going to conferences, studying and researching, we have become very careful to only work with brands that can prove bio-availability, testing and that we are willing to give our own child.  If you would like to work with us to develop a supplementation program or to schedule a consultation, please Contact Us.  You can learn more about our clinic at


*Based on our experience with both our own children and the families we have been blessed to work with over many years; as well as, recommendations from the Biomedical, Functional and Naturopathic Health Communities.  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


High Fiber Gluten Free Diets

Of all the diets most widely used in autism community, the Gluten Free / Casein Free diet seems to be the most wide spread.  In fact, the Autism Research Institute (ARI) actually found that parents and practitioners report that 60% of their children have a positive response to such a diet.  In our family, we have a child with diagnosed celiac disease, so she must have a completely gluten free diet- can’t even have a crumb.  In many ways this is a healthier diet; however, we have found one issue–getting enough fiber into our daughters diet.

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Fruits and vegetables are an obvious place to turn for fiber.  Apples and celery with peanut butter are a favorite for lots of children; however, our daughter is actually allergic to these items, also.  So, we went in search of the high fiber gluten/casein free foods and thought we would share some ideas with you.  For more on diet, check out our new book Healing Autism Naturally.

We learned that lentils have 15.6 grams of fiber per cup and found a great soup recipe that you can try.  We also found that refried beans have 13.4 grams of fiber per cup and found a recipe for enchilada casserole.  And at, we found a comprehensive list of gluten free flours and grains.  In addition, our daughter absolutely loves the New Shaklee Fiber Apple Bars with 8 grams of organic fiber.  And, of coarse, we discovered popcorn with 5 grams of carbs per serving, very early on.

We would love to share your favorite

Fish Oil Supplements- Mercury

Just what we do not want to read when we think of fish oil supplements- Mercury.  As parents with children on the spectrum, we spend so much time watching out for mercury and other heavy medals and contaminants that our children are so sensitive, too.  And yet, a lawsuit has been issued against 8 of the nations leading producers of fish oil.  It gets scarier because these are brands that are very common…  as reported by both CBS and ABC news,

“The lawsuit targets eight supplement manufacturers or distributors:  CVS , Rite Aid, General Nutrition Corp., Solgar, Twinlab, Now Health, Omega Protein and Pharmavite.”

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It is very important that children with ASD use supplements that are mercury and contaminant free.  Fish oil, probiotics and multi-vitamins are just three of the most common supplements recommended for children on the spectrum.  We recommend Shaklee supplements to our clients and friends because of the results we saw from these products.  In addition, they do over 83,000 tests a year for product puritiy (over 82,000 tests more than any other comapany we know of) and they are published in over 100 Peer Reviewed Medical Journals.

When choosing supplements, ask the company what tests they do for purity, how they prove their supplements absorb and for information about efficacy and potency.  Not all supplements are created equal and it is important that the foods and supplements we put into our children help without hurting.