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Autism Stats increasing

Autism stats continue to increase.  I heard today that 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer and I was shocked.  I am thrilled that the word is getting out, that women are getting screened, that research is being done (albeit a bit biased), but I am left with a simple question….  “Where is the autism research, where are the government studies, where are the national studies…?”  Oh, I know the answers.  It is simply not profitable for the government or the pharmaceutical companies to do these studies-  But, we are losing an entire generation of children.  1 in 117 children and 1 in 70 Boys are diagnosed on the spectrum.  This is a National Epidemic of staggering proportions.

I would love to hear what your area of the country/ world does to be heard int he community.  What companies do you see doing fund-raising or making a difference?  What has your state done to make a difference?  We live in Indiana and our State actually passed a mandate requiring insurance companies to cover all services for children with autism.  This only applies to companies in Indiana, but it is known as the “SuperBill” and a giant step for our children.

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