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Autism Statistics continue to rise….

I was blown away, this past April, when the Centers for Disease control came out and said that they now believe autism statistics have reached the level of 1 in 100 children.  My first reaction was that not even the autism community dared quote stats that high.  But, with ever growing numbers of children being diagnosed at various points on the spectrum, we are left to wonder, how high will the numbers go before something is done to stop the growth.

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In a study of ten communities, between 2002 and 2006, the center for disease control found an average of 57% increase in the prevelance of autism.  These numbers are staggering.  In some communities, the numbers were even higher.  If we were to be blown away by that increase, 1 in 100 children should definately mobilize the troops.  But, I have not heard the troops being released… have you?  Sure, articles are all over the news, and parenting  newspapers like IndyChild are now dedicating entire sections to helping families find resources in their area….  but I am looking for trumpets blaring, a Presidential Press Conference announcing that the government will finally finance research studies to find a cause- even if the answers lead to pollution and vaccines, and at minimum, a line item in the health care bill that says we will make sure our children will be taken care of and treated for a cure.   Alas, from what I can see, autism is not even in the bill.  I am told it would just be too expensive.  From where I sit, it may be too expensive to not address this National Epidemic now…

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