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Autism One Conference re-cap

Wow, what an incredible week we had at the Autism One Conference in Lombard, Illinois.  I commented that I was already overwhelmed an hour after registration and I had not even been to a talk, yet.  To be in a place where everyone works with or has a child with autism, and everyone believes that we can get our children back is an absolutely unbelievable place to be.  I was also blown away by the level of knowledge that penetrated the Westin Hotel for five glorious days.  Please do not get me wrong…  I was exhausted, overwhelmed, cried, laughed and breathed in a way that I have not in so long.

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Over the next couple weeks, I will write about several of the topics discussed at the conference.  You also may see a bit of a stronger tone in the words that I write.  My goal, through nutritional and autism consulting is to truly help families get to the next level in helping their families.  I watched my own child… no I particpated in my own childs’ journey from not being able to walk or talk or be able to go to school or be around too many lights and sounds to where she is today….  a nine year old child entering full time school in the Fall with 26 other students, at grade level.   I worked tirelessly to heal what we now know are rampant health issues in children with autism….  I fought the insurance companies, the public schools, the doctors who could not move forward.  And I believe that the families reading and working with ASDperspectives want health and healing also, for their children, their families, and themselves.

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We look forward to continuing on this journey with you.



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