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Autism on the rise

Dr. Bock, author of the book “Healing the new childhood epidemics: Autism, Allergies, AD/HD and Asthma” are on the rise and he is not surprised.  Dr. Bock says,

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“this concomitant rise is not coincidence. All of these disorders appear to be tied together by a similar mechanism: an underlying genetic vulnerability, triggered by environmental insults. The primary underlying genetic vulnerability appears to be, in many children, an impaired ability to detoxify, which has left them unable to cope with the increasing toxicity to which they are exposed.

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While the fact that autism is on the rise is not a secret, Dr. Bock and many others take a very different approach to the causes and treatments of autism and other genetic conditions.  Until we see autism (and perhaps these other A’s as the biomedical conditions that they are, we will continue to have a generation of children being improperly treated, simply with behavioral therapies.  You can read more of Dr. Bocks research at

To learn more about nutritional approaches to healing many of the conditions that are common in autism or to learn what these conditions are, please fill out the “contact page” at 


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