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Autism Books- Like a kid in the candy store

After years of taking care of children with autism, doing research, helping other families and LIVING autism, you would think the last thing I would want was another book about autism.  Not so.  Sadly, the Borders Bookstores near us are starting to close.   Not at all surprisingly, for a child who cannot handle change, one of my daughters in devastated.  Having said that, I rushed right to the “special needs” shelf to see what was left.  To be honest, the books I really wanted were already gone.  However, that did not stop me.  I slowly let my eyes meet every single title on that shelf… looking for any books I could find on autism. Once I found the books, I sat down, like a child with a bag of jelly beans, and started evaluating my finds.  I thought to myself, “I will open each book and if I find anything appealing, I will buy them.”  After all, they were 50 – 60 % off and they were a business right off for me.  A couple books went back on the shelf, but I thought I would share why I bought the 3 books remaining.

I opened one book and read the headline, “It’s okay to be angry!”  Good enough for me.  I knew I needed this book.

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The next book won me on the topic, “51 activities to do with families with autism.”  Even my children lit up at that idea.  And I certainly intend to share our favorites.

The third book was a book of stories by families who have special needs children called, “The Elephant in the Playroom.”  Oh yes, we have elephants in our playroom and sometimes we just need to know we are not alone.

I honestly look forward to sharing what I learn from each of these books… like a kid in a candy store with an extra jelly bean to share.  What are your favorite books, that have helped you on your journey?  Please share them with the families that visit here….

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