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Autism Awareness Month

April is autism awareness month, though every day really could be.  Today, 1 in 117 children are diagnosed on the spectrum and 1 in 70 boys.  (According to some organizations, the number are even higher.)  The numbers are growing with every passing month, and to tell you the truth… I find this downright scary.  When I first saw these growing numbers, I had many questions… I wanted to know why.  Was it because of over-diagnosis?  Was it because the medical profession was only now starting to properly diagnose?  Was it because parents were looking for a diagnosis to explain away other issues?  Sadly, I have learned that none are true.  The numbers are really growing that fast.  And until the government starts funding “real research,”  these numbers are not likely to go down.  By real research, I mean research that is not funded by businesses and organization with a vested interest in the results not pointing to outside influences like vaccines, toxins or other possible non-genetic factors. 

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In our home, we have 2 diagnosed children on the spectrum.  While their are no known cures for autism, we have made great strides, as have many other families, by using bio-medical (nutrition therapy) and other therapies.  For example, the vast majority of children with autism are believed to have digestive issues that prohibit them from absorbing nutrients.  Because of this, we have done alot with pro-biotics to help repair their guts and the results have been amazing.  Most DAN doctors (Defeat Autism Now), concur that probiotics are necessary in healing the gut, in addition to diet changes.    Many families also use a gluten free/ cassein free diet and find it important to make sure that their supplements are Gluten Free.

For more information about autism, check out the links included on this site.  And stay tuned for our next post. 



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