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Aspergers Syndrome

My son is a 4th grader with aspergers syndrome.  We are so blessed to have found a school that not only accepts him, but truly embraces him.  However, socially, life is tough.  While visiting his school, a couple weeks ago, I experienced a taste of his reality.  I was there with another of my children, but as I walked through the cafeteria, I noticed my son was sitting  at a table completely alone.  He had told me that the other children would not sit with him, but seeing it was a different reality.  I sat and talked with him for a couple minutes and then asked one of the girls he had always been friends with if he could sit with her.  She said yes, as did some other children.  Of coarse, I knew I had created the scenario, and really, I had only met my own needs as a mom.

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It was not minutes later when the teacher told me that an incident had taken place… inappropriate jokes… not vulgar, but some girls feeling were hurt.  I was shocked.  How, in a matter of minutes, did I leave a peaceful situation that resulted in chaos.  Later that night, as I sat with my son and told him he needed to write apology letters, his eyes welled up with tears.  Since he really does not cry much, I knew something was wrong.  What came out was that he was actually being harassed, ongoing,  and his comments were his boiling point.

For children with aspergers, life can definately be a whirlwind.  I would love to hear your comments on ways you help your child with aspergers.  Or, if you have aspergers, we would love to hear your thoughts, also.


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  1. Your post brings back a lot of memories, and I’m sorry, I don’t have any advice. this is what was happening to my boys, so now I homeschool them. Sadly, they would be picked on all day long without telling any teachers or aides. Finally, something would set them off enough to retaliate, and the other students would tell immediately. The only ones to get reprimanded were my boys. :*(

    Even though they are out of the public school environment now, I do a lot of role playing. I also include social skills and acting out social situations in our days. They’ve been doing much better in smaller groups.

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