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ASD Perspectives is a nutrition supplementation and consultation program for families affected by autism, PDD, ADHD, SPD and other related disorders. This blog is provided to communicate facts, debunk myths, share information and inspire you with stories of hope and healing.

ASD Consultation
The information you’ll find here is free and an excellent resource for anyone affected by autism, but if you are interested in more, ASD Perspectives offers direct consultation. During these one-hour sessions, we will discuss and address your specific concerns and obstacles (issues related to sleep, concentration, behavior, caregiver health, etc.) and begin to develop a plan that works for the entire family.

In addition, we also offer complete family consultations to help you map out an action plan for your child and your family.  Family audits take an in depth look into the social, educational, therapeutic and nutritional aspects of your family.  By the end of our time together, you will have a complete report that evaluates education options for your child, therapeutic programs for your child, an ongoing nutritional program; as well as, bio-medical options to explore and we will take a serious look at what social and help options there are for your family.  In additon, we will help you navigate the finanacial aspects of caring for your child.  Autism is a long journey and our goal is to help you get your loved one on the path to healing FASTER.  We have been down this road and continue to learn everyday.  We want you to be able to focus on your child; and to alleviate the hours and days you spend trying to figure out which piece of the puzzle comes next.

Why Supplement?
Children and adults on the autism spectrum are found to have many nutritional gaps. Even “good eaters” do not necessarily absorb nutrients properly. Stress on the autistic child’s system may cause him or her to lose nutrients quicker. And, some may have digestive or immune system dysfunctions that are complicating their behavioral issues. We have found that when you address overall health through the diet, you can often alleviate listlessness and even chronic pain, and as a result change behavior.

What to Expect from Supplements
We have all heard stories about children who seem to have been “cured” of autism. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for autism or its related behavioral disorders. However, we are finding ways to better meet nutritional deficiencies, heal digestive issues, improve concentration, increase energy levels (for caregivers!), decrease stress and even affect synaptic response in the brain–all of which are alleviating behavior issues and enabling families to lead improved lives.

Recommended Supplements
When working with children in particular, we want to choose supplements that are all-natural and bio-available. We need to know the ingredients and be able to trust the labeling so we can make good decisions. Lastly, we want only supplements that have been tested thoroughly for efficacy and safety and are proven to contain no contaminants. For all of these reasons and more, ASD Perspectives uses and recommends Shaklee products. Shaklee offers a wide range of nutritional supplements as well as non-toxic cleaners, all-natural skincare products, and water purification systems. We also recommend certain homeopathic, essential oil and melatonin products.

Other Programs and Services
ASD Perspectives offers a variety of other informative and valuable services. Please contact us for more information.

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