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A day in the life of PDDnos

So as the conversation always is, when in the car with my 8 year old…  this was another interesting one.  “Mom, there are two new kids in our class….. (Jack) says he is only there (at the Autism Center) because his sister is there.  He says his dad told him he does not have autism.”  “Really, do you think he has autism?”  She relies candidly, “i don’t know.”  I ask, “Do you think you have autism?”  She pauses, thinks about the question and says, “I really do not know.” and proceeds with the daily report.

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“Mom, Miss Ann had to add ‘meditating’ to the list of free time options so (Bill) would know he could meditate during free time if he wanted,” she chuckles and explains that he woul dnot know he could do that if it was not on the list.  “Really?” I question pretending to not be questioning of this interest of Bills.”  “Yep- he puts his fingers together and makes a funny sound.”  She is still amused and I am glad she is not taking much of an interest in meditating.

The conversation goes on for quite some time as she tells me that another child is lower functioning and another is higher functioning and I wonder- Is my child even on the spectrum?  Alas the memories of her struggles to talk and walk and assimilate to the sounds and lights around her flood my mind.  I am reminded that she had a melt down when her class size increased to 5 children (too loud… to hectic for her) and I remember that every child is different…  As the mother of 5 beautiful child, one with aspergers, one with PDDnos, one with type 1 diabetes and one with other medical issues….  I settle into enjoying this very intelligent recounting of a day in the life of PDDnos.

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