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November, 2010:

Girls on the Autism Spectrum

As parents of children on the spectrum, we will do anything.  We get the best nutrition products, the best doctors, the best therapists…  however, not so good doctors, school officials and others who are uneducated push us in other directions.  Yesterday I learned that some schools are forcing children onto birth control so they do not have to deal with menstrual cycles.   Sounds crazy, right/  Not really.  Millions of children are on ritalin and other drugs at the schools request.  Other children are on anti-depressants at the schools request.  Is it so surprising that schools would force parents to ‘stop’ their daughters menstrual cycles to meet their own needs?

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Now, don’t get me wrong.  I completely support parents making educated decisions for their children.  However, these girls are not being put on hormones for their benefit, to regulate hormones or mood swings or to balance their own nuerotransmitters.  They are being put on pills so that the schools do not have to deal with special needs children and medical issues.  This is not only unethical but it is likely illegal.  By law, public schools must meet the needs of children, in their least restrictive environment.  Since when did putting a girls health at risk fall into that category?

Girls (and adults for that matter) who are on chemical hormones have additional nutritional needs that must be met.  They are at greater risk of osteoporosis, fertility issues and some cancers.

Unless we wise up and do something, yes, I think this generation of girls is more susceptible. On top of early puberty you have teenage girls using hormonal contraceptives very early on. And yet multiple studies have shown that use of hormonal contraceptives in young girls increases their risk of developing breast cancer by as much as six times. And the younger a girl begins using them, the greater her risk of breast cancer.

Suppressing ovulation deprives the body of natural hormones produced by the ovary that are needed for proper growth and development, including pregnenolone, testosterone, androstenedione, DHEA and the estrogens. When ovulation is suppressed for years by birth control pills, not only is the body deprived of its natural hormones, the ovary can forget how to ovulate.  David Zava, PhD

Ovulation is a natural process that a girls body goes through and anytime we stop a natural process unnaturally, we are reaking havoc.

Minimally, girls, teenagers and women on hormonal birth control should be taking a pharmaceutical grade calcium magnesium,  pharmaceutical grade multivitamin and Womes’ health products including GLA (naturally balances hormones).  We are available to discuss yours or your childs’ specific needs.  Simply contact us via this website or at .