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September, 2010:

National Health Care Dupes children with Autism

On September 23rd, the National Health Care law, requiring insurance companies to cover children with pre-existing illnesses, went into affect. Thanks to this bill- albeit well intentioned, children with autism will no longer get the coverage or therapy they need. Shocked? Here is how it works. Most larger health care plans DO NOT COVER autism care. Even if your State is ahead of its time, like Indiana, and has an autism mandate, most policies do not have to abide. Only policies written in the State of the mandate are required to cover our childrens’ autism care. So, until yesterday, families could buy additional policies, for their affected children, to cover therapy. As of today, most companies announced that they could no longer cover children only policies….

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Since most families cannot afford to buy a seperate policy for their entire family, and their major medical will not cover autism therapy… that means that our children go uncovered and do not get the care they need. It is simply not within a families budget to pay 10’s of thousands of dollars, out of pocket, a year, for autism care. I know, you are thinking that surely the National Health Care Bill has provisions for children with autism, correct? NO! This Health Care bill does not seem to cover autism. So, they passed a mandatory bill that would bankrupt health care companies and then failed to cover what would be lost. If your child is lucky enough to qualify for your States Medicaid program, you may still get coverage… but that means that once again, tax payers are paying for the care. Thank your legislators in November and lobby for change. If anyone has information contrary to this article, I would welcome that information. As a mother of children with autism, I would truly love to be corrected!

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