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April 3rd, 2010:

What are biomedical treatments for autism?

So just what is this “biomedical treatment” for autism?  To me, it’s a big word and, I think, can come across scary.  My first experience with the term came when I went to the biomedical autism conference in South Bend, Indiana last year.  Okay, to be honest… I did not know that it was a biomedical conference.  I was overwhelmed with the non-existant insurance coverage for our autism and the repetive lure of public schools claiming they will give you everything to help your child- but only once you drug them and watch them fail (yes, a mothers’ perspective none the less).  So, I packed up and took the two hour drive to this conference hoping to find new answers.  Having worked in nutrition and having used supplementation, homeopathy and other alternatives for 7 years at that time, what I heard was not surprising.  However, I heard it from DOCTORS!  And I heard it with RESEARCH!  I met worried parents who had never heard that these things could help their children.  As I listened to these docotrs describe things that were so basic to me, working in nutrition…. like probiotics because our childrens’ digestive systems did not work, and candida (yeast overgrowth) causing our childrens’ immune system to be weak…  and omega fish oils to help our children….  I laughed.  I also cried because what I had been doing alone for years and seeing great results with- I found out was a norm in the autism medical community.  And I praised God for introducing such concepts to me when my daughter was just a baby, to treat symptoms that I never knew would turn out to be autism. In our home, we often thank God because we do not know if our daughter would be walking or talking today had we not been introduced to therapeutic nutrition approaches when our daughter was very young….  so what is bio-medical and why do we embrace the hope and results it is bringing? According to one report…

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So what is biomedical treatment?   In simplest terms, it is the identifying of certain biochemical imbalances that when corrected allows the body to function better. If there are certain nutrients missing they are supplemented. If there are toxins present they are removed.   Beth Vataker, ASA Broward

My husband just reflected, as we watch our 13 month old cruise across the room, how we were just teaching our almost 8 year old to crawl at this age….  That little girl turns 8 on Friday and is High Functioning.  This is the hope and results that biomedical treatment, when done right, can give families and children.  They can be as basic as supplementing nutrition or as comprehensive as working with a DAN doctor to get rid of toxins.

For more information on biomedical treatments, finding a DAN autism doctor in your area or scheduling a nutrition consultation, contact us.  We seek to be a resource to your families.